Thursday, October 27, 2011

do ur best, naim!


Alhamdulillah wa thummalhamdulillah..
wassolatu 'ala rasulillah..

first thing when you see this photo, what come in your mind?

hehe^^ actually tears and watery liquid are dont stop from flowing from my eyes and nose..
got flu fever for two days's really tiring..

my five days of holidays already passed and tomorrow the clinic is going to be like usual..but the unusual thing is that I have to go to the clinic and attend my patients with my watery eyes and nose..Owh, its bad and really Fb friends suggested to me to take MC but I've directly reject the suggestion. No more MC for clinical attachment or I'm dead at the end of the semester..Hehe...

and then, lastly what I can just do is that giving full of motivations for myself to continue tomorrow's session with full of spirit and smile(the big one)..^^insyaallah I'll do my best, O ALLAH..

it's already 1.30am when I am thinking update my blog with this short story..since this day I'd just lying down on my 'bed' for the fever, so now when everybody are enjoying their dreams, I've to stay up, touch up my assignment and log book..

so, guys...please always pray for my success.. and hopefully I can become a true mukmin and finfd my own path to HIM..Ameen..

Indera Mahkota 6, Kuantan